Santiponce Itálica


An immense legacy waiting to be discovered

Museum of Ancient Medicine, Natural Sciences and Archaeology


This remarkable municipal museum is the only one of its kind in its speciality in Andalusia. It exhibits a varied and valuable collection of instruments, tools and materials used since ancient times in medicine and surgery.

In the Ancient Medicine section, the visitor will have the opportunity to see how our most remote ancestors cured their wounds or practiced medicine and the utensils used by men from the Neolithic, Copper and Bronze Ages up to the Iberian Period. From later dates, the visitor will be able to see around two thousand objects including utensils, jars and devices used by ancient doctors, apothecaries and nurses.

More than 700 items of all kinds dating from the 2nd century B.C. to the 6th century A.D. are on display in a large exhibition hall. It also has collections of books, pamphlets and advertising posters, and a large display of appliances, tools, medicines, utensils, flasks, etc. from our more or less recent past.

The Natural Sciences section consists of several hundred shells, conches and starfish from the different oceans, as well as butterflies and insects from all the continents. This exhibition also has a large collection of fossils and rare minerals, as well as numerous stuffed birds and mammals.

The museum also has an Archaeology section, whose showcases contain the oldest remains found in its surroundings from different historical periods. Weapons, jewellery, ornaments, kitchen utensils, ceramics, coins and a large collection of the most varied objects show visitors the great importance that these cultures had in our region.

Opening times

Monday to Friday: 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

Contact us for organised visits and specialised groups.

Free of charge.


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