Santiponce Itálica


An immense legacy waiting to be discovered

Casa de los Ponce de León


This remarkable stately building in Utrera was the residence of the Ponce de León family who once owned the town after it was conquered from the Muslims.

The two-storey house with six large, vertical openings has a long façade overlooking the street. The openings in the lower floor are low balconies, while the upper level has hung enclosed balconies. A splendid, baroque-style stone portal stands at one end of the white façade.
The portal has a wide, lintelled opening in the lower level framed with marble. The marble is carved with geometric motifs and whimsical undulations that spread to the side. Next to it are two balustrade columns with fluted shafts on high pedestals with a rounded profile. Above the columns, small carved prisms add height to this level, crowned by a cantilevered cornice that serves as the base of the balcony on the upper level.
Enclosed by a simple iron grille, the balcony, more profusely decorated than the lower level, is centred in the façade. The opening is framed with a straight brickmould and two eye-catching mixtilinear pilasters, with relief and undulated edges that give the ensemble a distinctly baroque flavour.

Past the portal, a hallway leads to the central courtyard with an arcade of semi-circular arches on the ground floor, and balconies flush with the face on the upper level.
Visits must be booked in advance at the Casa de la Cultura.


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