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An immense legacy waiting to be discovered

Plaza del Altozano


Utrera’s Plaza del Altozano is a large square that sits in the heart of the historical centre of this Sevillian town. This square is the town’s most representative public space, its Main Square, where people come together to socialise.

The square has a rectangular plan. Several traditional, three- or four-storey buildings line its sides. Although different, the buildings lend a sense of homogeneity to the space.

Lined by trees and benches, the pedestrianised square makes for a quiet stroll or a pleasant chat while seated in one of its terrace bars that spread out towards the centre, especially along its two most extended fronts.

Several religious buildings of note are situated in this square, including the San Francisco Church, whose right façade topped with a bell gable faces the square. Also visible from here are the domes of the nearby Santiago Church, which peek over the houses on the shorter front.

There are also 17th and 18th-century public and residential buildings distributed along the square. They are recognisable by their long miradors or enclosed balconies that appear as openings crowned with semi-circular arches.



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