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Equestrian Route: IE-009 Los Palacios y Villafranca - Utrera


The IE-009, which links the town of Los Palacios y Villafranca with Utrera, allows tourists to explore and enjoy the unique landscape of the countryside around the Lower Guadalquivir, farmland, marshes and vineyards. The route takes us to unknown places that can only be reached on horseback or on foot.

Since ancient times, its territory has been an area of passage and settlement for numerous cultures. On the other hand, the region is known for being one of the main cradles of Spanish horses, as these animals have historically been linked to agricultural work and to the festivities and traditions of the territory. These studs have a great international prestige.


The route starts in Los Palacios y Villafranca, which is left behind heading north. The first sections already show the distinctive features of the route: countryside, crop fields, rural roads, ranches, farmhouses, farms, estates and the cattle tracks that characterise the region.

The equestrian route heads east and southeast until it reaches the Vereda de Almonte, at its intersection with the Lower Guadalquivir Channel. We follow the path almost to its end to take a 2 km detour that leads to the Hacienda de Orán, a farmhouse that has been converted into a country house and offers a wide variety of activities related to the world of horses. We return to the route and head east to reach the Hacienda la Indiana - a 300 metre detour. In addition to accommodation, the site also offers the possibility to rent horses and carriages. 

Back on the route, we ride eastwards and, in the vicinity of the Arenal Gordo pine forest, the itinerary offers us the possibility of continuing northwards for 3.5 km, to visit the Finca la Corbera - the headquarters of the La Corbera Therapeutic Riding Association - which has 20 hectares for all kinds of equestrian activities.

Returning to the route, we walk again near the Arenal Gordo pine forest to take the Camino de Toranzo, leaving the Casa Cerro on our left. The road, which runs southeast, takes us to the destination of the route, the town of Utrera, where we can rest and enjoy its tourist attractions.

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