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Cárdenas Stud Farm


The Miguel Ángel de Cárdenas Stud Farm is one of the world's main stud farms specialised in the Purebred Spanish Horse. It was founded in the 40's by Miguel Ángel Cárdenas Llavanera, who was a great farmer and a magnificent breeder of different species.

From the outset it had the best mares of the time and a stallion called Soberbio. Later he acquired the stallion Bilbaíno III, from the Terry stud farm, which sired, among others, Vasallo II and Valido, and these three stallions were breeding for more than 25 years.

Miguel Ángel de Cárdenas Osuna, a great lover of horses, took over the management of the stud farm in the final years of his father's life. At that time, the Spanish Championships began, first at the Real Club Pineda in Seville and later at FIBES, being won by Genil (1980), Valido (1983) and Gastador VIII (1985).

After the death of his father, Miguel Ángel Cárdenas continued the work of breeding and that is when he named the stud farm Estirpe Cárdenas, continuing to produce champions of Spain such as Ungido IV (1995) and Clásico MAC (2000 and 2001).

The work of Miguel Angel de Cardenas Osuna as a breeder was a cornerstone in the development of the only native horse breed in our country: the Purebred Spanish. Fuego de Cárdenas, the world's first Purebred Spanish Horse in classical dressage, belongs to his stud farm. The stud farm is currently located on the San Pablo estate and has an area of 70 hectares, where the horses are bred in complete freedom.


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