Santiponce Itálica


An immense legacy waiting to be discovered

Parladé Palace


This is a stately residence, designed as a recreational estate with a historicist style, associated with a property specialised in the breeding of fighting bulls. The site was well chosen, as it stands on a gentle hill overlooking the beautiful dehesa that spreads out around it.

Later, in the 1940's, another part was built, which could be defined as a working area, since it was the centre of the farming activities of the estate and served as a home for the landlords. It may possibly have replaced an earlier one of a smaller size. It is not common to find rural residences of this size and such refined tastes.

The residence is built on a platform with an irregular perimeter, protected by a crenellated wall or barbican. The immediate surroundings of the building are landscaped, with a unique appearance due to the presence of many palm trees. This enclosed area is entered through a quadrangular portico with two semicircular brick arches, whose thread has a fine zigzag pattern reminiscent of Almohad designs.

The residence has an approximately square floor plan, from which the prismatic volumes of several towers stand out, located at the front, next to the door described above, on one of the corners and on the back façade.


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