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Los Manantiales Park


This vast green area owes its name to the groundwater that naturally rises from the subsoil since ancient times: the Aljarafe Cornice. Nestled in the urban centre, it offers a wide variety of spaces and environments to its visitors. 

The steep terrain created a large waterfall that feeds the pools to where the spring water has been diverted. Another feature of this terrain is the large meadow and an attractive eucalyptus grove, where one can walk and enjoy nature in its purest state.

The winding, dirt trails have been the scenario of various sports competitions. Human intervention is only present in the reforestation and care of native species, and placement and maintenance of urban furniture, necessary for the greater enjoyment of the public. Water is the main protagonist with large numbers of ditches, pools, canals crossed by bridges, and a fountain trough in the centre of the park.

Recreation spaces
Surface area
3.49 Ha

Wild species such as poppies, dandelions, as well as eucalyptus and olive trees.


High number of butterflies.


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