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Natural pools in the province of Seville


Seville and its province are known for being one of the hottest places in Andalusia, especially when the heat is more intense during the summertime.  Although it is true that Seville does not have a beach and that you will find some of the best beaches of the country in the nearby provinces of Cádiz and Huelva, Seville offers some privileged places where you will be able to enjoy amazing natural pools in the nature and where, besides beating the heat, you will have the chance to try other activities such as hiking, trekking and fishing, far from the hustle and bustle and overcrowding of the salt, sand and beach days. 

Our proposal is a journey through rivers, lakes, lagoons or artificial beaches, most of them along the Sevillian Sierra Morena, where you will find authentic natural paradises with pools of very refreshing, crystalline and pure water from springs or from the thawing of the mountains and which, taking advantage of incredible natural phenomena, have created perfect places for rest and enjoyment of nature.

Artificial beach of San Nicolás del Puerto

The beach of San Nicolás del Puerto is the only river beach in the province of Seville. It is located at the foot of Sierra Morena and its waters belong to the Galindón river, over which stands a Roman bridge considered to be one of the oldest constructions in the region.  
The beach of San Nicolás del Puerto dates back to 1974 and was built by taking advantage of the riverbed by means of a small dam that attracts numerous visitors every year. The dam allows the flow of water to form an extensive sheet of water, which makes it an excellent option for bathing during the summer season. It has access for bathing, both stairs and adapted for the disabled. Visitors can also rest and enjoy the restaurant services in the beach bars set up next to the river beach, such as La Posada del Peregrino, La Gruta or El Bosque.

Isla Margarita

Isla Margarita, on the banks of the Huéznar river in the Sierra Norte Natural Park, is a beautiful location known as the Isla del Pescador (Fisher’s Island). The waters of the river are fresh and the shore is not very uneven and very calm. It has a recreational area with car parks, tables, barbecues, toilets and kiosks. It is very close to the Cazalla-Constantina railway and has a green way that is accessible by bicycle.

El Martinete

Also located at the Sierra del Norte Natural Park in Seville, at the upper course of the Rivera del Huéznar, there is an area of pools that runs under dense forests, forming backwaters and overcoming small differences in height by means of waterfalls and cascades. These waterfalls create amazing slides that give the location a very characteristic appearance, which has led to its declaration as a Natural Monument. As a consequence of this natural phenomenon, you can enjoy one of the most emblematic and best-preserved banks of the Sierra Norte de Sevilla Natural Park, which offers an idyllic landscape for camping and enjoying the numerous waterfalls during the summer months.

Lagos del Serrano (Serrano Lakes)

Located in the area of the Seville’s Sierra Morena, the Lagos del Serrano are in the municipality of Guillena, although the nearest village is El Ronquillo, 3 km away. 

Any spot in the area of these lakes is ideal for spending a few days in the heart of nature, hiking and enjoying water activities. Fishing is one of the most popular activities in the area, without forgetting the mountain bike routes. Moreover, these beautiful natural routes also keep other surprises for the visitors, such as visits to old railway stations and train tracks, wide panoramic views, villages, farmhouses, prehistoric remains and even a palace, the Parladé Palace, a construction dating from the 19th century, but which is inspired by a medieval castle.

Majadallana River Park (Las Calderas)

The Siete Arroyos river rises in the foothills of the Seville’s Sierra Morena, in Castilblanco de los Arroyos, and flows southbound through the municipality of Villaverde del Río. In this municipality, the Siete Arroyos has a place of unique scenic beauty called Las Calderas. This is an area with a series of small pools carved out of the riverbed by several waterfalls, a privileged natural spot with spectacular bathing areas where small natural beaches are also formed. Also, in this area you can follow interesting routes by bicycle, on foot or on horseback.

Pantano del Pintado (Pintado reservoir)

The Pintado reservoir is located above the Viar river, between the provinces of Badajoz and Seville. It is the biggest reservoir in the Sierra Norte de Sevilla Natural Park. The road leading to the reservoir from Cazalla de la Sierra is of great scenic interest, with areas of holm oak and cork oak woodland and isolated specimens of Andalusian oak. The main use of the reservoir is agricultural irrigation, although it is also used for recreational and sporting purposes, such as fishing and bathing. It has areas set aside for picnic and camping. 

Rivera de Benalija

Rivera de Benalija is a small creek in the north of the Sierra Norte Natural Park, which runs along the south-western border of the town of Alanís and flows into one of the tailings of the Pintado reservoir. It is seasonal and can dry up in the summer if the year has little rainfall. About two kilometres from the town centre, the creek widens and falls down a slope, creating a very beautiful place, near which we should highlight the presence of a cave with a small lake inside, a perfect spot for a dip in this natural pool.

Laguna del Gosque Nature Reserve 

This wetland enclave, located in the Sierra Sur region of Seville, is part of the group of lagoons that stretch from the wetlands of Lantejuela (Seville) to Fuente de Piedra and Campillos (Málaga).

The Gosque lagoon, due to its dimensions and its saline nature, is considered one of the most original elements of the regional group of non-marine waters of the Iberian Peninsula. Especially noteworthy is the whitish sandy beach that appears along the western shore of the lagoon, to which many visitors flock during the bathing and pilgrimage seasons. The contrast that is the presence of an environment rich in diversity of species such as birds (flamingos, plovers, coots and teals), in the middle of an agricultural area totally transformed by man, gives this space a great landscape and ecological value.

Points of interest
[{"title":"Roman Bridge over the River Galindon","url":"\/en\/what-see-and-do\/heritage\/monuments\/roman-bridge-over-river-galindon","lat":"37.996289502827","lng":"-5.65274477005"},{"title":"Isla Margarita \u2013 Isla del Pescador recreational area","url":"\/en\/what-see-and-do\/natural-areas\/isla-margarita-isla-del-pescador-recreational-area","lat":"37.934517631036","lng":"-5.695424079895"},{"title":"Hu\u00e9znar Falls","url":"\/en\/what-see-and-do\/natural-areas\/hueznar-falls","lat":"37.993609261356","lng":"-5.6696534156799"},{"title":"The Serrano Lakes","url":"\/en\/what-see-and-do\/natural-areas\/serrano-lakes","lat":"37.711351818613","lng":"-6.1131802950471"},{"title":"Pintado Reservoir","url":"\/en\/what-see-and-do\/natural-areas\/pintado-reservoir","lat":"37.9999051","lng":"-5.9541824"},{"title":" Rivera de Benalija","url":"\/en\/what-see-and-do\/natural-areas\/rivera-de-benalija","lat":"38.031551769335","lng":"-5.8414989789523"},{"title":"Laguna del Gosque","url":"\/en\/what-see-and-do\/natural-areas\/laguna-del-gosque","lat":"37.129696","lng":"-4.944225"},{"title":"Parlad\u00e9 Palace","url":"\/en\/what-see-and-do\/heritage\/monuments\/parlade-palace","lat":"37.698422996117","lng":"-6.1057806015015"},{"title":"Calderas de Villaverde del Rio","lat":"37.627522224668","lng":"-5.8862257003784"}]


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