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Lantejuela, Land of Lagoons. 

Nestled between Osuna, Écija and Marchena, in Seville’s La Campiña region, is Lantejuela, a town with unique charm. You will enjoy the tranquillity of a rural village surrounded by fields of grain and olive groves, and flanked by its famous lagoons.

It is known as the ‘Land of Lagoons’. Lantejuela’s Endorheic System is a protected Nature Reserve. The main lagoon, Laguna del Gobierno, retains water all year round and is home to highly endangered species, which attracts many international scientists and researchers. If you walk through this area, you will enjoy picture-perfect sunsets. 

You can also discover in Lantejuela the deep feelings of a simple town, renowned for the friendliness of its people. Go to one of its bars, and within minutes you will be part of the town. Try the delicious cuisine based on stews and locally grown produce, such as organic asparagus; a local speciality in spring. 

Finally, experience the festivals in this picturesque area of La Campiña. At the end of May, the locals spend a day in the countryside during the Romería del Carmen. In October, be sure to stop by and enjoy the eagerly awaited Feria in honour of the patron saint, the Our Lady of the Rosary. 

Come and discover this beautiful land of lagoons. You will want to come back again and again. 

Getting to Lantejuela

The fastest route by car from Seville is the A-92 motorway. Take exit 49-B and enter the A-364 towards Marchena. Continue on this road and switch to SE-7200. After a few minutes, take the SE-7201 on the left until your destination. 

Alternatively, take the A-4 and get off at exit 482 towards Fuentes de Andalucía. Once in this town, continue on the SE-221, which connects with the SE-700 that leads to your destination. 

The town does not have a train station, but you can travel by bus from the Prado de San Sebastián Bus Station in Seville. 

Getting around

The best option is strolling through the streets, walking on the path leading to the lagoons, or cycling if you bring your bike. Hiking or cycling in this natural environment is absolutely delightful. 

Reasons to visit

  • Tranquillity, pleasant atmosphere and quality of life. It is the ideal destination if you want to unwind and charge your batteries with positive energy. 
  • Picture-perfect sunsets can be enjoyed from the Vereda de la Huerta path. Its landscape flanked by the Laguna del Gobierno.
  • Take a guided tour of Lantejuela’s Endorheic Nature Reserve, a protected area. You can watch different bird species, including the white-headed duck, listed as an endangered species. 
  • If you are a flamenco enthusiast, be sure to go to the traditional Madrugá Flamenca del Festival del Algodón in October. 
  • Make your visit coincide with the Romería del Carmen, at the end of May. On the way to the pilgrimage site, you will be captivated by the beautiful fields of sunflowers, typical of this area of La Campiña. 
  • On Maundy Thursday and Good Friday watch the floats come out in a procession from the Purísima Concepción Church. The people watch the float bearers with awe and respect when they climb up and down the steps outside the church. 
  • Visit the Escuela de Música Procesional ‘Virgen de los Dolores’. Some of its students are only four years old. Passion for the religious music played in Holy Week is also a much-loved tradition. The marching band has been around for over 50 years. 
  • Are you into classic motorbikes? Come to the annual event at the Caseta Municipal in March. 

What to see 

The Plaza de España, where the Purísima Concepción Church stands, is the heart of Lantejuela. This temple was built over a Baroque church in the mid-20th century. 

There are many cafés, restaurants and shops around the square if you fancy sampling the local cuisine or buying a souvenir.

The Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno Confraternity House is opposite the church. You will find inside embroidered elements and ornaments used to dress the image of the Lord and Virgin Mary. There is also a photo exhibition on the history of the Confraternity.

The pilgrimage site is on the outskirts. You can spend the day in the countryside and enjoy the picnic area. The Shrine to Nuestra Señora del Carmen is also here. However, it is only used during the pilgrimage in her honour at the end of May. 

Take a walk on the Vereda de la Huerta, where you will come across a children’s park and a senior park. This area is one of the most beautiful in the town. Although it was used as a landfill, the area was reforested in the early 1990s by local schoolchildren. 

At the end of this path is the Laguna del Gobierno, the largest lagoon in Lantejuela’s Endorheic Nature Reserve. Enjoy this unique protected area and, if you are a birdwatcher, do not hesitate to use the observatory. However, the best of all is to admire the beautiful –truly magical– sunsets. 

Places to visit

  1. Purísima Concepción Parish Church 
  2. Lantejuela Endorheic Nature Reserve
  3. Shrine to Nuestra Señora del Carmen


Lantejuela is 80 kilometres from Seville in the La Campiña region. The stunningly beautiful Lantejuela Endorheic Nature Reserve consists of nine lagoons. 

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