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San Vicente Mártir Parish Church


The San Vicente Mártir Parish Church was built between 1703 and 1711 on the former site of a church and hospital. The building was paid by Francisco José de la Plata y Ovando, a knight of the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem and “Comendador” of Tocina.

This large baroque-style building has three entrances, two on the sides and one on the façade. It is topped by two twin towers, decorated with plain, polychrome tiles.
The building has one nave and two aisles with semi-circular arches supported by pillars. The nave is covered with a barrel vault and the aisles with groin vaults.

The high altarpiece was finished around 1719. It has two levels with the mid-17th century sculptures of St John the Baptist and St Vincent in the centre. The images of Tocina’s patron saints -San Océano, San Julian, San Amiano and San Teodoro- appear on the side.
The image of the Virgen de la Aurora stands out above the Tabernacle. The Tabernacle Chapel holds three additional altarpieces from the early 17th century dedicated to Saint Anne and Saint Joseph. The Gospel side has two more altarpieces, one with a painting of the Divine Shepherdess from 1741.

The Tabernacle nave holds an 18th-century altarpiece dedicated to the Christ of the Souls with a large painting of the crucifixion of Jesus. A Crucified Christ, attributed to Juan de Mesa, now hangs in front of the painting. There are also sculptures of a Resurrected Christ and a group sculpture of Saint Anne and the young Virgin Mary, attributed to the same author.


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