Écija Iglesia de los Descalzos

Seville, beautiful and diverse

Casariche, formerly the city of Ventippo 

Casariche is a town with a noteworthy Roman past. The ancient city of Ventippo is today a stately town in the heart of Seville’s Sierra Sur. The historical and cultural heritage that is part of the Ruta del Tempranillo will take you back in time.

Lora de Estepa, a charming town in the Sierra Sur

If you need to unwind and enjoy the countryside, Lora de Estepa is the perfect getaway. This small town, nestled in the Sierra Sur, brings the peace you seek in a natural environment.

La Roda de Andalucía, a town between provinces

The history of La Roda de Andalucía, a border town in the Sierra Sur, is shaped by its geographical position.

Aguadulce, a town between market gardens

The small town of Aguadulce sits on the foothills of Seville’s Sierra Sur, between Osuna and Estepa. This town, famous since remote times for its market gardens watered by the River Blanco, is today a beautiful town with white houses and friendly locals.

Martín de la Jara, escape to Seville’s Sierra Sur

Martín de la Jara is a perfect place for a rural getaway. In this beautiful part of Seville’s Sierra Sur, you will discover a unique wetland, the Gosque Lagoon.

The Sierra de Montellano, also known as the Sierra de San Pablo, on whose slopes the town is located, is a limestone formation that reaches an altitude of up to 600 m, and which preserves natural vegetation of great interest for a town whose surrounding area is occupied largely by arable crops and olive groves.

The Tajos de Mogarejo, an area of great scenic value declared a Natural Monument by the Department of the Environment of the Junta de Andalucía, are a large depression in the terrain, in a predominantly flat area, forming a gorge with steep walls over 30 m in height, inside which are created ideal conditions for the development of unique vegetation, very different from that of