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Sierra de Líjar


This natural space in the province of Cadiz, bordering on the north with the province of Seville, is listed catalogued as a Special Conservation Area. The Sierra de Líjar is a Jurassic limestone mountain range between the towns of Algodonales and Olvera. The mountain range is 1,041 metres high and is a first-order geodesic vertex. The Sierra de Líjar has a typical Mediterranean mountain vegetation. The slopes are covered with holm oaks, carob trees, Valencian oaks, wild olive trees and a few scattered cork oaks. The vegetation on the plateau is mostly small holm oaks, genista scorpius, mastics, rockroses and palmettos.

This area has a rich fauna, especially bats. Due to its karstic character, this mountain range has numerous cavities, caves and sinkholes, which are used by bats. Birds are another essential group, especially birds of prey, including Imperial eagles (Aquila adalberti), Egyptian vultures (Neophron percnopterus), Bonelli’s eagles (Hieraaetus fasciatus), Booted eagles (Hieraaetus pennatus), short-toed eagles (Circaetus gallicus) and eagle owls (Bubo bubo).



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