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Benacazón, El Rocío, pine and olive-growing traditions 

Just a stone’s throw from Seville, in the heart of Aljarafe, is Benacazón, a town of deep-rooted traditions and friendly residents who live a simple life. With strong El Rocío, pine and olive-growing traditions, Benacazón is another beautiful town along Aljarafe’s Mosto Route

One of Benacazón’s great attractions is its historical heritage. Here you will discover the remains of an ancient mosque, considered ‘the hidden Pearl of Aljarafe,’ and the Castilleja de Talhara Shrine, an impressive example of Sevillian Mudejar architecture. There is also the Nuestra Señora de las Nieves Church, whose statue is venerated by many residents of the province. 

Benacazón is also located in a privileged environment, which includes the Guadiamar Green Corridor that can be viewed from Cárcava viewpoint. The town’s identity is shaped by the river that flows through its lands and the olive and orange trees that grow here. A place of traditions where people live their faith in Our Lady of El Rocío throughout the year. Fireworks are commonplace in all celebrations.

Come and experience how people live in this land of great cultural wealth. 

Getting to Benacazón

If you are travelling from Seville by car, the best route is via the A-49 motorway. At exit 16, enter the A-473 until you reach Benacazón. 

By train, take the C5 Cercanías line from Santa Justa Station in Seville which stops in Benacazón. If travelling by bus, take the M-168 line, operated by Seville’s Transport Consortium, from Plaza de Armas Bus Station which stops at Benacazón. 

Getting around

Take in the atmosphere of the town on foot, only then will you discover the true essence of this part of Aljarafe. 

Reasons to visit

  • Discover the ‘hidden Pearl of Aljarafe,’ and the ruins of the Mudejar Castilleja de Talhara Shrine
  • In February, experience the extraordinary pilgrimage to El Rocío made by the centuries-old confraternities. More than two thousand people take part in the event. 
  • Visit Santa María de las Nieves Church to see the statue of the town’s patron saint, Our Lady of the Snows. It is claimed to possess miraculous powers. The festival in her honour takes place on 5 August, coinciding with the local Feria. 
  • Try the town’s typical dish, chícharos y tronchos as well as the pobre hombre, made with the remnants of the plate mentioned above. 
  • Enjoy beautiful views of Guadiamar Green Corridor from the Cárcava viewpoint. 
  • Try the delicious local mosto with a tasty tapa of marinated olives, a local delicacy. 

What to see 

Benacazón has a wealth of historical monuments, which are concentrated in the town centre. To visit them, start your route in Calle Real, the main street where the Town Hall is located. Nuestra Señora de las Nieves Parish Church, which houses the statue of the patron saint, much revered by the residents of this region, is also located on this street. Do not miss the beautiful baroque altarpiece in the Sagrario chapel by the master Juan Martínez Montañés. 

Opposite the church is the palace house that belonged to the Portocarrero family, now owned by the town council. There is a cafeteria in the large courtyard, where you can spend a pleasant evening admiring this stately baroque building. 

Continue along Calle Real until you reach two of the town’s other iconic buildings, Vera Cruz Chapel and Soledad Chapel. The latter is located in the old Sangre de Benacazón Hospital. Inside is the Cristo Yacente, one of few articulated sculptures of the Lord that exist. The Vera Cruz Chapel is an independent shrine. Both confraternities date back to the 16th century and march in procession on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. Near these monuments is the El Rocío Confraternity House, opened in 1994. 

Take a break to taste the famous mosto and delicious homemade tapas in a local tavern. These establishments still have the typical old-world flair, enlivened by the laughter and warmth of the locals. After regaining your strength, find out more about ‘the hidden Pearl of Aljarafe’.

About three kilometres from the town, you can explore the ruins of an old mosque converted into a Christian shrine, Castilleja de Talhara. The walls that remain, the arches and majestic gardens will take you back to another era. The place is steeped in a mixture of mystery and magic, still unknown to many tourists. Also on the outskirts is the 15th-century Gelo Shrine, next to the hacienda with the same name. Many confraternities spend the night here on their way to El Rocío. 

What better way to end your visit than in the heart of nature. Come and enjoy the Guadiamar Green Corridor as it passes through Benacazón. You will relish the impressive views from Cárcava viewpoint. 

Places to visit

  1. Soledad Chapel
  2. Vera-Cruz Chapel
  3. Gelo Shrine
  4. Castilleja de Talhara Shrine
  5. Santa María de Las Nieves Parish Church
  6. Palace House
  7. El Rocío Confraternity House
  8. Mill towers, some in the streets
  9. Guadiamar Green Corridor with Cárcava viewpoint


Benacazón is 21 kilometres from Seville, in the Aljarafe region. It is located within the Guadiamar Green Corridor, a Protected Landscape Area.

32.20 Km²
121.00 m
No. of inhabitants


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