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Almazara Castillo de la Monclova


La Almazara is set in the Castillo de la Monclova estate, a unique site that conserves history and modernity with its Castle and old oil mill. The estate has an area of 5,350 hectares used for three activities: Agriculture, Agribusiness and Livestock. 

As regards agribusiness, the property has an oil mill where the olives from the estate are milled, with a milling capacity of 120,000 kg per day and a storage capacity of 1 million kg of oil, all from its own harvest.

They also have a composting plant, where they handle and process the waste from the oil mill (pomace and leaves), mixed with slurry and manure (from cattle on the farm), obtaining a material of high structural value for the soil and high nutritional value for the plants grown, which means a saving in the purchase of mineral fertilisers and income from the sale of part of the production of compost, which is highly sought after for both agriculture and gardening.

Oil mill located in a unique setting that conserves history and modernity with its castle.

Description of the tour

In the current oil mill, the different phases through which the olive passes during the olive oil production process will be shown. The oil is made with the olives from the properties of the Duque del Infantado, selected to produce a very high-quality oil. You will also learn how to differentiate the oils according to the type of olive used.

At the end of the tour of the factory, you will be offered an oil tasting session in which you will learn to identify the virtues and defects of an oil through your senses with the help of a professional.

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