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Cereal Silo


This Silo has shaped the skyline of the town and is now part of the cultural heritage that will be inherited by future generations along with the best viewpoint over the countryside of Seville. It is the first in Spain to be reused as a cultural infrastructure to interpret the surrounding landscape.

It is the first silo in Spain to have been rehabilitated as a museum and visitor centre; being converted into a cultural infrastructure to interpret the landscape. This centre offers an activity for the interpretation of the building itself, integrated into its landscape context and directly related to the historical development of the town. Its spacious rooms are the best setting for holding temporary exhibitions throughout the year, which are a cultural complement to the visit.

Visitors take the same route as the grain did in the old cereal silo, going up through the different rooms to the viewpoint of the countryside. The building is a landmark and an attraction for industrial tourism in the province of Seville. Although it was initially planned to be demolished, the Town Hall of Fuentes decided to recover it and give it a cultural and recreational use.

Description of the tour

The Silo, a 136-metre-high construction, is now a cultural centre focused on three main themes: renewable energies, the silo and the historical and cultural heritage of Fuentes de Andalucía. In the cells that were previously used to store grain, information is now displayed regarding heritage aspects of the municipality: "The countryside, the surroundings of Fuentes", "The silo of Fuentes" and "Fuentes de Andalucía-Fuentes de energía (energy sources)". 

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