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La Madroña Park


La Madroña is a municipally-owned estate in the northern part of the municipality of Burguillos. It is about 3 km to the north of the town proper, on the foothills of El Cerro de Moro hill. It is used primarily for recreational purposes.

La Madroña Park is located in the northern part of the municipality of Burguillos, on the foothills of the Sierra Morena mountain range, between the regions of Vega del Guadalquivir and Seville’s Sierra Morena. It lies in a transition area where mountain and countryside come together, creating a green corridor between these two environments. The vegetation found in La Madroña Park consists of young holm oaks, scattered throughout, scrub and meadows. The area is drained by the Pilar de la Dehesa Stream, which runs through the property. Local people use this municipal estate primarily for leisure and recreational purposes.  The chapel of Our Lady of the Rosary is inside the park.

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