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“El Majuelo” Park


La Rinconada is an eminently agricultural town; therefore, it barely has space for natural vegetation. This increases the relevance of the riparian areas of the River Guadalquivir as it passes through this town, since some sections of the river are of high landscape and ecological value, with abundant riparian vegetation and associated fauna.

El Majuelo Park is in the urbanised sections of the river; a space of leisure on the bank of the Guadalquivir, with riparian vegetation, and an area revegetated with native species. The park is equipped with numerous facilities, including recreational areas, an environmental education centre, a jetty to access the river and practice water sports, as well as an astronomical observatory -one of two in the province- for educational purposes.

Recreation spaces

White poplar is the predominant plant species in these riverside areas, along with willow, tamarisk, elm, bramble, reed, bulrush and chestnut, as well as eucalyptus.


Given the dense vegetation in these areas, there is a wide variety of aquatic bird species from different groups. 


Fernando 15 Nov, 11:08

Buenos días, quería saber si el parque cuenta con zonas para hacer barbacoas, y de ser así, cuenta con parrillas instaladas? Saludos

ecastillo 15 Nov, 11:12

Hola Fernando, el parque cuenta con zonas para barbacoas y parrillas. A partir del 16 de octubre se permite el uso de barbacoas. Respeta las normas y pasa un fantástico día. Un saludo.

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