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Molino del Corcho Recreational Area


The Molino del Corcho Recreational Area is located a little less than a kilometre and a half from the Cazalla-Constantina train station, next to the Castillejo rest area. It is a unique natural site where the visitor can be in close contact with nature. It is located next to the Huéznar River, which at this point is divided into two arms forming a small island accessible via a small footbridge.

At this site you can enjoy plenty of shade and a pleasant temperature in spring and summer. The Molino del Corcho footpath begins next to the car park. It is a beautiful walk down the river, through gallery forest made up of alders, ashes and willows, among other species, which is a sight worth seeing in autumn. The woodland is also home to a great variety of birds as well as otters, which feed on the trout and barbel that can be fished in the Molino del Corcho trout reserve.

Description of the tour:

Near the Cazalla train station, next to the level crossing of the A-455 road, you take the dirt track which is to your right if you are walking towards Constantine. At the beginning of this track there are signs for the Molino del Corcho Recreational Area and Footpath. The recreational area is 1.5 km from the road.

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