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Alqueria Park


The romantic poets Antonia Díaz and José Lamarque created a garden called La Alquería in Dos Hermanas, regarded by some as a "paradise on earth". An ample space in which personal and family life can be experienced and artistic activities can be developed surrounded by trees and plants.

This leafy garden is home to an impressive neo-Mudejar-style palace, surrounded by exotic structures, such as a crenellated tower, grottoes, nymphaeums, an artificial mountain with a pagoda, a navigable river with bridges, a lighthouse, monopteros or a waterfall. It also features fountains, statues of mythological characters, sculptures of classical philosophers and poets, and busts of Spanish discoverers. They also built a nesting area for birds, a greenhouse for exotic plants and a natural sciences museum. The garden was complemented with a wooded area with Aleppo pines and lentisc to the north and a large vegetable garden with citrus trees to the south, as well as various service buildings (garages and guard's house). A 17th-century monument known as the “Knights Cross”, recovered by José Lamargue, was placed at the entrance of the farmstead.

Recreation spaces
Surface area
11.00 Ha


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