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River Pudio


The 22-km long River Pudio is a tributary that flows into the right bank of River Guadalquivir. It runs through the western part of the province of Seville, crossing the Aljarafe from north to south. The stream rises in the municipality of Olivares and disappears next to the town of Coria del Río. 

Recreation spaces

The River Pudio is under intense pressure from urban sprawl and agricultural practices. This has led to the disappearance of most of its natural vegetation. Nevertheless, its riverbank is one of the few natural areas left in the Aljarafe. You can still see riverside vegetation along small sections of its watercourse, mainly white poplar, reed, bulrush and various herbaceous species.


The fauna is determined by the agricultural environment. Therefore, hedgehog, mole, hare are some of the most common species. As for birds, passerines and other species such as turtledoves, hoopoes, owls, kites, buzzards and storks abound.


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