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Shrine to San Bartolomé


The Shrine to Saint Bartholomew is located in the Plaza de Llano, in the centre of the town. It dates from the 15th century and has a basilica plan with three naves separated by brick columns that support pointed arches. The Church has a wooden roof with a coffered ceiling over the central nave and a hanging ceiling on the side naves. 

The exterior has been extensively transformed, with the main entrance from the 18th century being particularly noteworthy. 

In the 19th century, beside the main altarpiece of the Christ of the True Cross, the Shrine was also home to altarpieces of Our Lady of Consolation, Our Father Jesus the Nazarene and Saint John the Evangelist. Despite several lootings, the images of Our Father Jesus of Nazareth, Our Lady of Consolation and Saint John were found in the apse of the central nave. A fresco from around 1500 with what appeared to be the Veneration of St Francis disappeared from the high altarpiece.

Nowadays, the San Bartolomé Chapel houses the images of Our Lady of the Assumption, Saint Bartholomew, Our Father Jesus and Our Lady of Consolation, all from the Baroque period, and the painting of Santa Catalina de Alejandrina, from the 18th century. The cherub-themed mural paintings, which covers the intrados of the vault in the apse of the right-hand side nave, has inscriptions amidst rocaille decoration and appear to be from the late 18th century.



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