Santiponce Itálica


An immense legacy waiting to be discovered

Casa del Cabildo or Town Hall 


The first reference to the “Concejo” in charge of the town’s political-administrative governance dates back to the 15th century. At that time, there were two mayors, two judicial officers, a bailiff, a crown-appointed officer and several aldermen.

From 1592 onwards, one of the mayors was a “hidalgo” (nobleman), while the other was elected from among the town’s inhabitants who did not have a title. This “tradition” was lost in 1607 because, among other reasons, there were no noblemen left in the town with the vocation and skills needed to occupy the position.

From 1807 onwards, the progressive decline of the premises forced the Cabildo and the municipal granary to move to different venues. They were housed several times in the town centre for a transitional period. In 1868, the building at Plaza Rector Merina was definitely abandoned, and the Cabildo moved to the building at Plaza de España. 

This building from 1868 by the architect Francisco Calderón Díaz stands out for its loggia-style façade, with three arches on the ground floor and three double arches on the upper level. The façade has an aedicula with a clock. It is crowned by a pediment that has been renovated several times and an iron gazebo with a bell. Remains of the city’s old medieval wall are preserved inside.


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