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Dos Hermanas´Fair


Dos Hermanas’ Fair, also known as the May Fair, is a small-scale recreation of the well-known April Fair that takes place in the Los Remedios district in Seville. The fair is held in the centre of Dos Hermanas in the province of Seville.

The Fair takes place in early or mid-May on a fairground were marquee tents and family-friendly attractions.

Unlike Seville’s Fair, which was initially a livestock fair, the one in Dos Hermanas took place for the first time in 1987, seeking to replicate the fun and entertainment that was now the sole purpose of Seville’s Fair.

One of its main hallmarks is that it is an Open Fair, therefore the Town Council recommends not to restrict visitors’ access to the marquee tents, except when they are too crowded or for any other justified reason: members-only day, private event, etc.

Although 56% of the marquee tents are owned by private persons, the Town Council’s Major Events Department insists on keeping the Fair open to everyone. 

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