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Fiesta del Verdeo


This event was declared an Andalusian Festival of Tourist Interest.

The Fiesta del Verdeo serves as a symbol in that it kick-starts the table olive harvesting season, known as “verdeo”. The name comes from the fact that the valuable olives are harvested when they are not yet fully mature and have a characteristic green colour.

The fair takes place in September, from Wednesday to Sunday, the latter being the second Sunday in September. It starts on Wednesday night when the Queen of the Verdeo is chosen. The fairground has fifty lively and vibrant marquee tents. Entrance is free, and there are generally many visitors.

On the first day of the fair, during the Crowning of the Queen of the Fiesta, a symbolic gift of olives is given to the new Queen at the Plaza del Santo Cristo. The “Golden Olive” award also takes place at this time. This award recognises the efforts made in promoting and advocating table olives. 

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