Écija Iglesia de los Descalzos

Seville, beautiful and diverse

The Lebrija youth house was restored and integrated into several archaeological remains. It consists of two buildings separated by a courtyard. The main façade has been preserved, while the one in the back has been renovated. 

The Herrera Thermal Complex was declared a Site of Cultural Interest, under the category of Archaeological Zone, in 2007.

The primary reason for the existence of this site is the position of the municipality close to the main communication routes in the region, as well as its location in an area of great agricultural wealth on a plain in the basin of the River Genil. 

The Casas Cuevas Archaeological Site, opened in 2011, is a cultural facility located in the Morería district, in the heart of the town, next to the remains of the Almohad Castle and the San Pedro Apóstol Parish Church. 

The site is a “tell”, a word of Arab origin that designates an artificial mound formed from the accumulated archaeological remains of one civilisation over another.

From the lower part of Villanueva del Río and Minas, the route descends further (following a signalled path) to the Huéznar River, crossing it. It is possible to park your car  a few metres ahead of the San Fernando quarter, for example next to the Lago del Mirador.

The Mulva-Munigua Archaeological Site is listed as a Site of Cultural Interest (BIC). It is located near Villanueva del Río y Minas, an area of mining tradition in the foothills of the Sierra Morena (Seville).