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Lebrija Archaeological Sites


The Lebrija youth house was restored and integrated into several archaeological remains. It consists of two buildings separated by a courtyard. The main façade has been preserved, while the one in the back has been renovated. 

This settlement located opposite the old Town Hall and the Oliva Parish Church was likely a Roman forum. The archaeological dig has found Roman, Visigoth and medieval remains. The earliest stratum -a stretch of Roman road with its sewage system and adjacent buildings- has been preserved. A youth house and the archaeological remains are regarded as a single unit in which multiple layers of historical strata overlap to form the cities. 

The coexistence of both elements in the same building and their integration into the surroundings provides insight into the evolution of the city’s history. The project preserves the courtyard between buildings as an access point, leaving an unobstructed view of the front of the street so the city can participate in the archaeological remains. The archaeological find can be seen through the fissure that surrounds the building, illuminating the basement, and the footbridge leading to the building. This enables its integration into the inner square and the city. 

Noteworthy among the remains are a bust of Herma that is likely from the late first century AD. There is also a vaulted sewer with one-metre thick bricks, which appears to confirm the importance of this street.

The digs have also found remains from other cultural periods. Indeed, the different layers confirm that this area of the city was gradually abandoned after the Imperial period. It was not until the late 15th century that this area was once again inhabited, specifically the Cilla del Cabildo, many remains and walls of which have been recovered.

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