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El Postigo Municipal Craft Market


The El Postigo Municipal Crafts Market is an emblematic building located in the centre of Seville, next to the Arco del Postigo del Aceite, one of the most important gates of the twon and just a few metres away from the Cathedral and the Giralda. It is home to the unique El Postigo craft stalls. The market offers a wide variety of works (20 artisan workshops), ranging from jewellery and costume jewellery to fashion accessories made of leather, textiles, silk, flowers, paper, wood... as well as decoration with traditional ceramics, mosaics, glazes, engravings...

The area is set up as an art gallery, so that visitors can enjoy the view as they walk and, at the same time, contemplate the craftsmanship of the old Híspalis. This is combined with a series of contemporary creations, which highlight the duality that coexists in this market: traditional craftsmanship and avant-garde designs.



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