San Nicolás del Puerto Puente de Piedra

Sevilla enamora

The Riberas del Guadaíra Theatre-Auditorium is a modern, versatile venue suitable for any type of event, from conventional theatre to operas, musicals, dance, symphonic concerts "and anything else".

The San Francisco monastery was founded by Diego de Torres, M. A., Professor of Salamanca University, and was paid for by the people through donations. For some time, it was named San Diego in honour of its founder.

The brothers Serafín (1871-1938) and Joaquín (1873-1944) Álvarez Quintero were born in Utrera, where they lived their childhood years.

The theatre was built in 1887 by Enrique de la Cuadra, hence its current name. Utrera’s City Council acquired the building in June 1985, under the Public Theatre Renovation Programme sponsored by the Regional Ministry of Public Works and Culture of the Andalusian Regional Government. The architect in charge of the renovation was Juan Ruesga Navarro.

Inaugurated in December 2009, the theatre provided the town with an ideal place for the performing arts, increasing the town's range of cultural attractions.

The Teatro Oriente is a newly built theatre in the town of Morón that was inaugurated in February 2007 and replaced the old Cine Oriente, which was closed in 1998. It is an Italian-style theatre, with a theatre tower, stalls and a box, located on the same site as the old one in Calle Nueva.

The Teatro Cerezo, also known as the Teatro del Arte, is the most representative 1930s building in the town. 

Inside, the theatre is surprisingly large, especially the upper floor, whose cantilever overhangs the stalls. The ceilings preserve the original decoration with large circular light fixtures.