Osuna Colegiata

Seville, beautiful and diverse

This single-nave church is covered with a remarkable Mudejar-style frame from 1596. It is accessed through the entrance located on the right wall. The angled bell gable on the entrance dates back to 1760. It has a baroque decoration with a moulded frieze, pendants, polychrome blue tiles on white walls and bricks, crowned by a curved split pediment around the top and a wrought-iron cross.

The Jesuits came to Utrera and founded a convent with a school. The Rodrigo Caro School stands now on that site. All that remains is this church, known as St Francis the New, the sacristy and the meeting room.

San Juan Church has an elongated and irregular nave with a transept and flat apse. This results from the merger of two adjacent chapels in the late eighteenth century, the Sacramental Chapel and the old Jesus the Nazarene Chapel, which survived the demolition of the earlier church.