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San Juan Church


San Juan Church has an elongated and irregular nave with a transept and flat apse. This results from the merger of two adjacent chapels in the late eighteenth century, the Sacramental Chapel and the old Jesus the Nazarene Chapel, which survived the demolition of the earlier church. 

A three-nave church was meant to replace the collapsed one; however, only the abutment walls and several frames were built. These remains can be seen in the current parish church. 

The main altarpiece in the apse is from the eighteenth century, as are most other altarpieces in the temple.

The Sacramental Chapel survived was restored in 1794, as were the other older elements. This Chapel has a Latin cross plan with a single nave, a transept, a small chapel above the altar and a baptismal chapel. The painting of the Three Archangels by Juan de Espinal, from circa the third quarter of the 18th century, above the entrance is noteworthy.

At the west end of the nave, the baroque entrance gives access to the Parish Office. A quadrangular compound covered with a magnificent wooden coffered ceiling with strapwork and Renaissance decoration. There is also a remarkable 17th-century painting of the Immaculate Conception attributed to Antonio de Pereda. 

The staircase that leads up from the Sacristy to the dressing room of Jesus the Nazarene is also noteworthy. It is decorated with eye-catching painted tiles and has a magnificent door with Baroque ornaments.

Adjacent to the Sacramental Chapel is a tower whose construction began in 1756. The tower has a rectangular shaft and square bell tower. The belfry and upper sections are richly decorated with estipites, scrolls, tiles and bas-reliefs with the cross of the Baptist. Also noteworthy is the ornamental ensemble that frames the main balcony of the tower and the iron angel that serves as a weather vane.


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