Camona Vistas Parador

Seville enchants

In this museum we can find a wide variety of animals native to the area, stuffed by the town's taxidermist Rafael Diaz Contiene, as well as archaeological remains discovered in various excavations of the Castle.

This museum dedicated to cultural and natural heritage is located on the banks of the River Cala. The audiovisual resources explore the local history and its key location on the Camino de Santiago. The great variety of stuffed animals and the collection of fossils reveal the rich fauna of this historical area, with the griffon vulture standing out for its size in its second room.

The archaeological site located in the ancient Parade Ground of the Royal Alcazar, popularly known as El Picadero (the riding school), occupies the highest area of the city, where you can find Turdetani and Roman remains as well as the ruins of the wall of a Moorish castle. You can observe Ecija's periods of occupation from its origins, around the 8th century B.C., until today.

The Natural Science Museum in the Sevillian town of El Real de la Jara is locally renowned for its large and varied collection of birds and mammals that are representative of the area.

Specimens include the Iberian lynx and a two-tailed lizard, among many others.

This centre focuses on the historical interpretation of the remains of the city found atop the Cerro de San Cristóbal from the 9th to 5th century BC. These remains of the first settlements in this municipality are kept in the museum for further study.

The Museum of Carmona’s Archaeological Complex was opened in 1885. It was one of the first Spanish museums directly linked to an archaeological site: Carmona’s Necropolis.

This church is considered one of the most significant Baroque buildings in the province of Seville and a jewel of Ecijan Baroque. The Limpia Concepción de Nuestra Señora Church (Los Descalzos) was renovated between 2006 and 2009, under the “Baroque Andalusia” programme of the Andalusian Government. The church had remained closed for 30 years until then.