Seville, beautiful and diverse

The Franciscan monastery of Corpus Christi founded by Juan Téllez Girón was built in 1541 and is still largely preserved today.

Located in the heart of the city of Ecija, the Royal Convent of Santa Ines belongs to the Order of Franciscan Poor Clares. It was first founded outside the city walls, subsequently moving to its current location, about two hundred yards from the city centre, bordering the road that led to the Sanctuary of the Patrona Nuestra Señora del Valle, after which it was named.

The first reference to the Franciscan Fathers dates back to 1570 when they founded the St Francis Convent. The origin of this Convent can be attributed to the constant visits that the Franciscan friars made to Lebrija in their evangelisation ministry. It has been argued that before they had their own Convent, they would spend the nights at the Shrine to Saint Benedict.

The baroque-style Franciscan convent was built in the 18th century. Its foundation dates back to 1492. The original convent was on the foothills of the Sierra Morena, 6 km from Peñaflor, where a fountain and some ruins are still preserved. In 1731, the decision was made to relocate the convent from the mountains to the village of Peñaflor.

It was initially part of the Convent of the Third Order of St Francis, founded in honour of Saint Mary of Jesus in the 16th century.