Camona Vistas Parador

Seville enchants

The fortress is located between the municipalities of Ecija and Herrera. Its dominant position with respect to the surrounding territory led to the existence of a major urban settlement in its surroundings during the Moorish period that survived until the reconquest.

"Carmen de los Arrayanes" Andalusí Palace. The owner, José Luis Romero Núñez, made his dream a reality. He built a Nasrid-style house in the centre of Paradas.

A regionalist building from the late 1920s, it is commonly known in Ecija as “Casa de las Tomasas”. It currently houses the Courthouse. 

The aesthetic and stylistic values of the building are in keeping with Sevillian regionalist architecture that emerged around the 1929 Universal Exhibition in Seville.

The building where the municipal offices are currently located is an excellent example of the stately houses that proliferated Utrera throughout the 18th century.