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Chamber of Commerce of Seville


The Chamber of Commerce of Seville is located in the centre of Seville next to the cathedral, an area of tourist and commercial interest. The Global Business Chamber is where the Chamber usually carries out its work in collaboration with businesspersons and entrepreneurs, thus combining the added value of brand and experience.

Your event already has the best facilities in Seville. Available for your business meetings, shareholder meetings, board meetings, conventions, seminars, conferences, debates, videoconferences, training rooms, workshops, award ceremonies, presentations, interviews or selection processes. We offer you a wide range of services so that you don't have to worry about anything.

Halls: Global Business Chamber Convention Centre (600 people), Assembly Hall (78 people), Assembly Hall Club Antares (180 people), Assembly Hall Sede Emprendedores (200 people), Meeting room (25 people)



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Type of establishment
1 500 pax


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