Semana Santa Estepa

Seville enchants

The Navigation Pavilion is owned by Empresa Pública de Gestión de Activos, S.A. (EPGASA), which depends on the Ministry of Economy, Knowledge, Business and Universities of the Andalusian Regional Government. It is set up as an Exhibition Centre and an Events Space for cultural management.

The Chamber of Commerce of Seville is located in the centre of Seville next to the cathedral, an area of tourist and commercial interest. The Global Business Chamber is where the Chamber usually carries out its work in collaboration with businesspersons and entrepreneurs, thus combining the added value of brand and experience.

A centre attached to the University of Seville and housed in a majestic building built in the 16th century, it is fully adapted to the requirements of the most modern educational centres.

Halls: Main Hall (250 people), Hall 2 (100 people)

Ardea Purpurea is located in the midst of a privileged natural environment. It is a tourist accommodation complex where nature blends with the typical architecture of the Doñana marshes.

The building has the diversification of spaces, independence and intercommunication that a centre designed for the purpose for which it was intended needs. The Conservatoire has an auditorium designed specifically for musical activity.

The famous Bodega de Antonio Fuentes, located at the junction of the avenues of Antonio Fuentes and José María Moreno Galván, is a building that has been remodelled for use as an occupational centre and assembly hall, and on its façade you can read some verses from the poem dedicated by Gerardo Diego to the bullfighter.

The Gran Hipódromo de Andalucía is located in a unique settlement and has excellent road links. It is also 20 minutes from Santa Justa train station (Seville), 15 minutes from the airport and only 5 minutes from the nearest metro station.