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Hacienda Porzuna Peri-Urban Park


Hacienda Porzuna Peri-Urban Park is located on the left bank of the Porzuna Stream, adjacent to the eponymous estate. It sits on the road connecting San Juan de Aznalfarache with Palomares del Río. The park has a signposted botanical trail that leads through different vegetation zones: holm oaks, cork oaks and gall oaks, Mediterranean scrub, olive trees, Aleppo pines and stone pines. The fauna comprises mainly small birds and reptiles.

This protected area is highly relevant for Seville’s metropolitan area. It is used for both recreational and educational purposes. There is an environmental education centre in the park where environmental awareness programmes are developed. There are several recreational areas.

Next to the park is Hacienda Porzuna, an excellent example of the olive-growing estates that are typical of this region. The cellars likely date from the Muslim era. Pottery from the Moorish and Roman times have also been found.

Facilities: Environmental education centre, recreational areas, trails.

Suburban park
Surface area
20.00 Ha


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