Santiponce Itálica


An immense legacy waiting to be discovered

Town Hall


The Town Hall, located in the Plaza de España, and commonly known as the Plaza del Reloj, is the anteroom of a splendid baroque building. It was built around 1761 in the Andalusian baroque-style. The angle at the left side of the bell tower breaks the horizontal thrust of the building. The entrance is embellished with baroque elements such as Solomonic columns, mixtilinear decoration and scrolls. The Royal coat of arms appears on the upper floor and the town’s coat of arms in the lower. 

The majestic baroque-style elements highlight the beauty of the façade, perfectly symmetrical with five vertical sections. The central section is taken up by the magnificent entrance, which stretches to the upper floor, and is crowned with an aedicula decorated with volutes and topped with a stone pinnacle.

The lower central opening in this entrance is finished with a semi-circular arch emblazoned with the Royal coat of arms, and the upper is square-headed with the town’s coat of arms. The lower portico is flanked with Tuscan columns, and the upper with Solomonic columns.

Large decorated pilasters separate the vertical sections, which are decorated with other elements such as bas-reliefs and pinnacles.

Although the interior of the building has been adapted for its current administrative needs, it still preserves the beautiful carved doors, a semi-circular dome, as well as the old municipal granary and a beautiful landscaped patio.


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