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Holy Week


A historic city with valuable artistic heritage, Carmona is revealed in all its splendour during Eastertime; a celebration that mixes devotion and solemnity with the beauty of its streets and secret squares. The people of Carmona experience each day of their “Semana Mayor” intensely with daily processions. All the long-established Confraternities have links to the ancient local parishes. Some of these Confraternities date back to the 16th and 17th centuries. This festival has been declared a Festival of National Tourist Interest. If there is one thing that makes Easter in Carmona special, that is the city itself. Narrow streets, secluded squares, grandiose posterns, or the monumental and imposing Puerta de Sevilla, transform the processions into a unique ensemble of solemnity, devotion, and beauty. 

The external aesthetics of the Confraternities have been significantly influenced by the neighbouring city of Seville. However, unlike the urban overcrowding that characterises Seville’s Holy Week, the Confraternities of Carmona can still Brotherhoods parade with grand solemnity amidst the monumental stone walls, and age-old silent streets.

Declared of National Tourist Interest in December 1999.

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