Semana Santa Estepa

Seville enchants

A very attractive route across a very special landscape, dotted with historical and archaeological sites.

The IE-029 Campiña-Alcores de Sevilla equestrian route links these two geographical areas of the province of Seville via the River Corbones, with wide stretches suitable for horse-drawn carriages. It is a rich and extensive cereal-growing, olive-growing and livestock-raising area, located on the left bank of the River Guadalquivir, which is home to species of interest, such as steppe birds.

The IE-010 links the town of Las Cabezas de San Juan with the Complejo Endorreico Lebrija-Las Cabezas Nature Reserve, a beautiful natural settlement that is home to different species of endangered birds, such as the horned coot and the white-headed duck.

The IE-009, which links the town of Los Palacios y Villafranca with Utrera, allows tourists to explore and enjoy the unique landscape of the countryside around the Lower Guadalquivir, farmland, marshes and vineyards. The route takes us to unknown places that can only be reached on horseback or on foot.

The IE-007 Gran Vega de Sevilla runs through land between the city of Seville and the province of Cordoba, through a wide valley between the Sierra Morena and the Sevillian countryside, where a wide variety of ecosystems converge: plain, countryside and mountains.

This route starts at the Plaza del Ayuntamiento of Villamanrique de la Condesa, and goes down Calle Sor María del Coro until reaching a crossroads. At this point, it crosses the road and follows the Green Corridor indications. Further on, there is a crossroads between two drovers’ road, the Cañada de Los Isleños and the Cañada de La Marisma Gallega.

This Greenway has a Protected Natural Area: the ZIC (Zone of Community Importance) Laguna de Fuente de Piedra.