Écija Palacio Peñaflor

Seville enchants

It is the first silo in Spain to have been rehabilitated as a museum and visitor centre; being converted into a cultural infrastructure to interpret the landscape. This centre offers an activity for the interpretation of the building itself, integrated into its landscape context and directly related to the historical development of the town.

The olive-growing history of Hacienda Guzmán goes back more than six centuries, when Hernando Colón, the son of Christopher Columbus, exported the olive oil produced on this Hacienda to the Americas in the period following the discovery of America.

Dissemination of the lime culture through guided tours in collaboration with local artisan lime workers and training in the recovery of traditional trades directly or indirectly related to lime.

Villanueva del Río y Minas has a fascinating industrial heritage, including the so-called Pozo 5 (Mining Shaft 5). This is the best-preserved shaft with the highest aesthetic and archaeological value.