Semana Santa Estepa

Seville enchants

The monument to Mairena del Alcor’s Old Fair, made in 1982, is a sculpture located on the fairgrounds, made by the local artist brothers Antonio and Jesús Gavira Alba.

Mairena del Alcor’s monument to Cervantes is a sculpture located in the Plaza de Miguel de Cervantes, at the foot of the namesake street.

This monument, unveiled in 1961, honours the famous Castilian writer Miguel de Cervantes, who mentioned Mairena in a short paragraph of his work “The Dialogue of the Dogs”.

The Pius XII roundabout, on the west side of the town, has become the main entranceway to the town centre. Several iconic buildings are in this area, including the Mercado de Abastos. Opposite the roundabout stands the oldest Salesian School in Spain from 1881.

This monument in memory of arguably the most celebrated flamenco singer in history stands in the urban centre of Utrera. He elevated the “cante jondo” to the category of art. Utrera is considered one of the cradles of flamenco. The sisters Fernanda and Bernarda are particularly worthy of note. Enrique Montoya performed worldwide and received the National Music Award.

At the foot of the Castle stands this unusual bronze monument entitled “Fernanda and Bernarda” made by Pedro Hurtado in 2005. The Jimenez Peña sisters were two great famous flamenco singers from Utrera.

The sculpture stands in the centre of Ximénez Sandoval Square, next to a fountain and surrounded by plants and flowers typical in Andalusia.

The legend of the "Gallo de Morón" (Cockerel of Morón), who was neither a cockerel nor from the town of Morón, is well-known.