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Monument to Cervantes


Mairena del Alcor’s monument to Cervantes is a sculpture located in the Plaza de Miguel de Cervantes, at the foot of the namesake street.

This monument, unveiled in 1961, honours the famous Castilian writer Miguel de Cervantes, who mentioned Mairena in a short paragraph of his work “The Dialogue of the Dogs”.

The sculptor, Antonio Gavira Alba, is a local artist and a professor of sculpture at Seville’s Faculty of Fine Arts.

The monument consists of two clearly differentiated parts: the pedestal and the sculpture itself is a bust of Miguel de Cervantes.

The sculpture is located in the namesake square, in the centre of a small landscaped area enclosed with a simple, low, iron fence, flanked by two tall palm trees.

The pedestal consists of three, brick structures staggered in a symmetrical composition. The central structure is taller and broader than the other two. The two flanking structures have ceramic plaques with drawings illustrating passages from Cervantes’ work, while the central one is a large ceramic panel with the inscription: “Before dawn, I go to Mairena, a town four leagues from Seville”. Cervantes, “The Dialogue of the Dogs”. The central block holds a bronze bust of its author, Miguel de Cervantes, on a plain, white stone base.


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