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Tomares, the biggest town in Aljarafe

Tomares is one of the largest towns in the Aljarafe region, just a stone’s throw from Seville. Today, it boasts an extensive shopping and entertainment area, as well as the most parks in Andalusia. Many people choose to live in Tomares because of its privileged location and quality of life. 

This town originated around what was an Arab farmstead and several olive-producing farms. Some of these typical Sevillian Aljarafe farms still remain from its agricultural past. Tomares’ heritage consists of these farms, the Nuestra Señora de Belén Church and many local parks.

In addition to the beauty of its farms and gardens, you will also enjoy delicious local Aljarafe cuisine. Its culinary tradition includes dishes such as la tostá con manteca and menudo, as well as Pavías de la Sacramental. The latter are eaten during a summer event popular in the region. However, if you really want to enjoy the festivals in Tomares, come to the Feria in September, the San Sebastián Pilgrimage in May, and the neighbourhood festivals called Las Velás in summer. You are sure to have a great time. 

Visit Tomares, an important town in Aljarafe waiting for you to discover it. 

Getting to Tomares

If you travel by car from Seville, take exit A-15 on the SE-30 ring road towards San Juan de Aznalfarache. Follow the A-8058 for a few minutes and take the turn-off on the right towards Tomares until your destination. 

This town does not have a train station, but it does have a shuttle bus that connects Tomares with the San Juan Alto Metro stop.
You can also take the M-161 bus line from Plaza de Armas bus station in Seville. 

Getting around

Stroll through Tomares’ pedestrianised old town. Walk through its parks or, if you prefer, bring your bike to explore its surroundings. 

Reasons to visit

  • Explore Tomares’ pedestrianised old town and enjoy different leisure activities. 
  • Explore the town’s historical farms and learn about its olive-growing past. Santa Ana and Montefuerte are now municipal buildings. 
  • Would you like to learn to play golf? The most cutting-edge golf club in Seville is here on one of the local historical farms, El Zaudín. 
  • Sample the town’s delicious cuisine in its many bars and restaurants. Choose between traditional dishes, such as menudo, revoltijo and Aljarafe rice, or enjoy its delicious signature cuisine.
  • Would you like to relax surrounded by nature? Tomares has 24 parks, making it the town with the most number of green areas in Andalusia. 
  • Come and celebrate Pavías de la Sacramental day in June. This event takes place in the courtyard of the Hacienda Montefuerte; you will enjoy a very pleasant evening. 
  • Experience some of the best flamenco in Spain at the ‘Ciudad de Tomares’ Flamenco Festival. A traditional event in July that has been held for over 40 years. 
  • Enjoy the Feria de Tomares in September. It features several competitions in traditional areas, such as Flamenco dresses, Aljarafe cuisine and Sevillana dances. You will have a great time. 

What to see

Start your visit at the Plaza de la Constitución, where the Nuestra Señora de Belén Church is located. Built in 1708, this Baroque temple bears the name of Tomares’ patron saint. Next to it is the Pasaje Párroco Ramón Díez, a very picturesque spot in the town.

Head towards the Town Hall, which was once a farmstead called Hacienda Santa Ana. This building is on Calle de la Fuente and was commissioned by the Count-Duke of Olivares in the 18th century. When you visit, you will see that it was divided into two parts, one residential and the other for producing olive oil. 

Another remarkable hacienda is the 17th-century Hacienda Montefuerte, today the Municipal Library on Calle Navarro Caro. Its eye-catching lookout tower has become a symbol of Tomares. There are other haciendas in the town; however, they have been transformed into private businesses. This is the case of Hacienda El Zaudín, now a golf club, and Hacienda La Cartuja, a school. 

Lastly, choose one of its many parks and relax surrounded by nature. 

Places to visit

  1. Hacienda Montefuerte - José María Delgado Buiza Municipal Library
  2. Hacienda Santa Ana - Town Hall
  3. Nuestra Señora de Belén Church


Tomares is 6 kilometres from Seville in the Aljarafe region. Many of its residents study or work in Seville, on the opposite side of the River Guadalquivir. It was the first town within Seville’s Metropolitan Area that has consistently grown since the 1990s.

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65.00 m
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