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FIBES Seville Exhibition and Conference Centre 


FIBES Seville, the city's Exhibition and Conference Centre, currently has two completely different spaces in terms of style and functionality. These two centres are linked by an impressive exhibition walkway that allows the two facilities to be used as a single site. 

The exhibition facilities were designed with a concept aimed at holding large trade fairs and events, for which they have 3 enormous pavilions of 7,200 m² each, without pillars and with service chambers every 8 linear metres; in addition to the central building (dome) which constitutes the Conference Centre. 

The uniqueness of this building lies in the impressive waterfalls that line the outer square of the venue, as well as the spaciousness and luminosity of its dome, the main entrance to the pavilions and all the rooms of the congress centre: two auditoriums, parallel rooms, VIP rooms, offices and restaurants. 

The new Conference Centre, inaugurated in September 2012, includes the necessary elements to host the most complex and technically demanding congress events, as well as concerts and musicals.

It is made up of 3 modules or buildings that communicate with each other on different levels 

MODULE A : This building is one of the main entrances to the New Congress Centre and the connecting walkway to the existing facilities. It has three outdoor and indoor exhibition areas and 15 parallel rooms on level 3 (1 of which is on the mezzanine). 

MODULE B: This is the central multi-purpose building with direct access from Modules A and C. Levels 1 and 2 house the catering, the exhibition area and the registration area, with a double-height ceiling on level 1. On level 3, on the same level as the rooms in Module A, there are 1,450 m² of space for the construction of the necessary rooms using a system of movable panels. 

MODULE C: In addition to the Multi-purpose rooms 1, 2, 3 and 4 for press, videoconferencing, TV, and rehearsal, VIP rooms and dressing rooms, this Module is mainly dedicated to the Auditorium, with a capacity for more than 3 200 people, and 620 m² of stage space. 

It offers the possibility to use it as 2 auditoriums (Auditorium 1 - 1,950 people; and Upper Auditorium 2 +3 - 900 people) or as 3 auditoriums (Auditorium 1 - 1,950 people, Upper Auditorium 2 - 340 people and Upper Auditorium 3 - 400 people) simultaneously. 

Fibes has: More than 90,000 m² of meeting space. More than 40,000 m² of exhibition space. 5 Auditoriums (capacity for 3,200 - 350 people) 71 meeting rooms in total


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