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Cerveza Artesana Albero


Cervezas Albero was born from the Gutiérrez brothers' love for beer. As grandchildren of one of Cruzcampo's oldest workers, they started brewing their own beer in the garage of their house. Starting from first brews, which were full of errors, they visited many breweries and specialise in craft beers.

They soon embarked on the adventure of Cervezas Albero, which was very well received by the Andalusian capital. A great challenge in a town where the culture of artisan beer was not yet established, and where beer consumption was reduced to a few brands.

Thanks to the great international expansion of Grupo Cervezanía, the Albero IPA and Doble Malta recipes can now be found in thousands of kitchens throughout Europe, thanks to the home brewing kit.

In 2018, coinciding with their 5th anniversary, they followed a new direction, commanding respect in the hotel and catering sector. It is currently distributed exclusively by BNKR BEER.

In 2020, there was a restyling change in the brand, showing the Andalusian origin, the richness of the craftsmanship of this land and the taste for authenticity. A mixture of tradition and innovation typical of the beer culture...

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