Camona Vistas Parador

Seville enchants

EThe Agarre represents the battle between a fierce boar and four dogs. This sculpture by Jaime Mate Gallego, the sculptor who also made the El Rehalero, was unveiled in 2007.

The fountain is located at the entrance of the village, on the road to Ronquillo and Castilblanco de los Arroyos. The site has been embellished with flowers, olive trees and benches. It was built by the local sculptor, Jaime Mate Gallego.

This sculpture is a tribute to the large deer population found in the town. Indeed, Almadén is a tourist attraction during the Berrea (rut) and the Monterías (hound hunting). Made by the sculptor Jaime Mate Gallego, it is located opposite the Fuente del Águila.