Semana Santa Pruna

Seville enchants

El Coronil’s Town Hall is located in the town’s geographical centre. 

This small shrine on the outskirts of the town was established in the 15th century by a Franciscan community; however, there is very little data available. Given its location on the outskirts, the Chapel was used as a charity hospital in 1601 during an epidemic. 

This 16th-century building is currently the home of Barefoot Carmelite nuns. San Pedro Church was founded by Pedro Téllez Girón as the burial ground for his servants. In 1558, after the Duke's death, the Barefoot Carmelite nuns who lived in another convent in Osuna (Santa Isabel Church) decided to move here, outside the walled city, to be able to lead the cloistered life they sought.

The convent of the Carmelitas Descalzas in Sanlúcar la Mayor, under the invocation of San José, was the second convent of the order founded in the province of Seville, in the year 1590.