Camona Vistas Parador

Seville enchants

On 3 February 1945 (eight days before his death), Amalio himself set up the Foundation, registered under number A34-SE19, with its headquarters at number 7, Plaza de Doña Elvira in Seville, in the heart of the Santa Cruz district, which had been the painter's studio. 

The Valentín de Madariaga y Oya Foundation is a non-profit body set up in April 2003 with the intention of becoming the commitment of the MP Industrial Corporation to promote actions in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development. 

Casa Fabiola in Seville hosts the donation of Mariano Bellver Art The set of works that lead to the donation dates back to 1960, when Mr Mariano Bellver began to work as a collector.

In 2009, a former farm building that was used as a chicken coop was converted into the Museo de Aperos de Labranza, or Museum of Farm Implements, in Castilleja del Campo. The couple José Moreno and María Zaragoza, and their son, are behind this initiative. The Moreno-Zaragoza family’s private collection of over 2000 farm implements and antique items were collected over the years by the owners.

Osuna is home to the Andalusian “Vintage Toy Museum” with over 4,000 items from the 1970s and 1980s. This space is considered as another tourist attraction, both for residents and visitors, that will enrich the city's tourist offering. It is Spain’s only toy museum dedicated exclusively to a specific period (the 1970s and 1980s).