Santiponce Itálica


An immense legacy waiting to be discovered

Fuente de Santiago


This fountain is one of the oldest in the town. It is located at Olmo Street, next to Avenida de Andalucía, the main avenue near the road to Seville. The white marble fountain has three taps and a basin. This fountain is attached to a house and topped by three balls. The water is channelled from a spring located about 200 m in Monte Calvario to a water tank, and from there to the fountain. The plaque on the gable states that the fountain was built in 1947 by local stonemasons, and the mayor was Marcelo Ortíz Guerra. Another plaque indicates that it was made with technical assistance from the County Council. The fountain is used to supply water to the inhabitants in times of drought or water restrictions. People are very attached to this fountain. They hold that the water is good and according to them the water is soft, suitable for the stomach, for cooking chickpeas, adds flavour to food and quenches one’s thirst.


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