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Departure of the Wagons to El Rocío


The most important festivity in Gines is, undoubtedly, the day the wagons set off for the Pilgrimage to El Rocío. This event draws a huge crowd each year, both locals and visitors from the province of Seville and the rest of Andalusia. This is particularly noteworthy as the event takes place on a non-holiday Wednesday.

The Confraternity of Our Lady of El Rocío in Gines is one of the oldest and most distinguished of the many confraternities that make the journey to El Rocío each year. Singing “Sevillanas” is an essential part of the identity of the people of Gines. 

At the request of the Town Council, the Andalusian Regional Government declared this day an Andalusian Festival of Tourist Interest in 2010.

The uniqueness of this festival revealed year after year on this particular Wednesday when the entire town takes to the streets to accompany the pilgrims and their wagons through the centre of the town as they head down towards the El Rocío.

Appoximate date: May 

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